It is a rare opportunity in one’s career to work with someone who favorably and dramatically changes the game of business. Clint O’Conner is a game changer. He broadly understands all facets of the new product development process. I’ve contracted with Clint to help expand and prioritize new product opportunities. In another assignment he helped us to source both existing and newly developed products in Asia. In each assignment he was insightful in discovering our bottlenecks, and creative and efficient in removing them.

Clint is an extremely positive influence on an organization. With his comfortable style and humility he integrates easily into a development team. He drives a new product project forward by leveraging the skills of the team members, and augmenting them with skills of his own. Clint also has skills that range beyond new products. He thinks like a business owner. His ideas are broad and in the context of the best interests of the shareholders.

Clint O’Conner is the most productive and impactful contractor I’ve ever worked with.

John R. Thomas
Former CEO, Newpoint Inc.
Former CEO, Hubbard Enterprises