From Concept To Successful Product

Design and Develop

Strong project management is essential to successful product development

O’Conner Product Management can manage development of your products
or can mentor your team leaders in good product development practices

You’ve come up with an idea for a new product or service. You’ve evaluated and vetted the idea and are ready for the next step: Design, development and engineering to transform your great new idea into a great new product. This is the point where you make a real commitment to your new product. And this is where many companies get bogged down in scheduling chaos and cost overruns.

If you are daunted by the prospect of development projects running over budget, you’re not alone. Even the biggest and best companies experience cost and schedule overruns. Don’t let this deter you. With good project management you can keep cost and schedule overruns to a minimum. A well-planned, well-managed project will go smoothly and quickly, and will have fewer and smaller hits to the schedule and budget.

Product design and development – the steps that take you from a promising idea to a real product – can be exciting and fulfilling. You watch your new idea progress from a back-of-the-napkin sketch to a finished product that is ready to transfer to production and/or deployment.

O’Conner Product Management can manage your product development process and/or can mentor your team in good project management practices.

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