From Concept To Successful Product

About Clint O’Conner

Clint O’Conner developed his first product (an econometric model of US money supply) in 1980. He has worked in product development continuously since 1988, and has been active in offshore manufacturing since 1995. He has made a career of learning how to develop products as efficiently and effectively as possible. After more than thirty years in the business, he still feels excitement in the process of generating great ideas and transforming them into real working products.

Clint has worked on countless products in a broad range of fields: internal combustion engines, industrial controls, rockets, medical devices, consumer electronics, telecom products, molding and tool making, metal forming, sewn goods, and pure software products. This breadth of experience lets him step into almost any new project and quickly be effective and productive.

Clint has worked with manufacturers in the US, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Japan. He can help you establish onshore or offshore manufacturing with a manufacturer who is a good fit for your product. Clint has developed a professional network of engineering and manufacturing professionals who can be brought into projects on an as-needed basis to aid in the success of your new product. Clint’s office is in Cardiff by the Sea, CA, just north of San Diego. He graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. cum laude in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in econometrics.