Clint is more than a consultant with a broad knowledge of product development and manufacturing; he is tantamount to a “silent business partner” who crafts solutions to complex problems with the same verve and concern as any accomplished CEO or Owner. Clint consistently and continuously goes the extra mile to ensure a successful project outcome.

Working with Clint is one of the most positive experiences we have had since launching our company over 5 years ago. Clint has, and continues to, make a difference. Whether we are addressing chemical compounding issues, establishing manufacturing quality standards, or exploring new opportunities, Clint is a valued source of information and a trusted decision maker upon whom we have come to rely. He may be a consultant, but Clint is part of our team!

One note of importance, if you are going to work with Clint try to be prepared (or be honest about your inability to prepare as Clint can help fill in the blanks). He is not a person who likes to waste your time or your money. Be ready to engage in meaningful dialogue, time-line expectations, and clear goals. That said, Clint is also excellent at leading an “audible” shift in direction when they occur – and they occur no matter how well planned a project may be.

Though there are a number of other accolades that are worthy of mention I suggest that you simply contact me to further discuss our experience with this most capable and engaging professional.

Ira Falk
President, International Treescapes LLC